Saturday 24 March 2012

Facial Fab......another fab contest!

Another fab contest is being brought to you by....The Urban Beauty Bar! Please people, please....settle down! ;)

We recently posed a question on our Facebook Fan Page: "The Urban Beauty Bar is going to have a new contest shortly. What would you like to see as the prize?" The results are in and apparently you would like a facial as the prize. Your wish is my command! Buuuuut, you can't get an entry for just looking pretty. No, no....the are some rules! (don't worry....they are actually kinda fun).

You must follow ALL rules in order to be entered into the draw.

1)  Visit our Facebook fan page:

2)  "Like" the posting titled "Facial Fab".

3)   Get a piece of paper. Now write down (in marker so that it is legible) what skin care issue you would like the free facial to help address if you were the winner. Mine happens to be to combat dry skin. What's your's??

Like this.......

4)   Take a photo of yourself, holding the sign and post your photo on our Facebook fan page. Tag yourself in the photo and at least one friend.

Like this......

Ta-da! You are all done! Ohh, don't forget to "like" our fan page while you're there! Actually, while you are at it, "follow" us on Twitter too!!/BarRoomBetty

What exactly is the prize, you say? The Urban Beauty Bar is giving away a Rejuvenating Facial valued at over $80! The contest will run from March 24th - April 24th, 2012. The winner will be announced on April 25th once all entries have been verified.

Cheers to beauty-ful days!

The Urban Beauty Bar

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